Social and Wealth Engineering

  • Protection, Transmission, and Succession: Anticipation is key. Topics like protecting loved ones, tax implications on income and wealth, and succession planning are crucial. Considerations may include preciput clauses, community property companies, changes in matrimonial regimes, drafting wills, future protection mandates, living donations, partition donations, and property dismemberment. 

  • Restructuring Wealth: Legal entities can play a key role in asset structuring. Creating and managing SCI (subject to joint ownership regime) or holding companies can optimize acquisition (borrowing capacity), management (asset taxation), and transmission (share ownership).
  • Executive Support: Analysis of social structure forms, executive status, accounting, and remuneration/protection arrangements to optimize tax and social aspects. 

  • Cash Management: Optimizing asset remuneration based on investment horizon, balancing reserves vs. dividend distribution, and long-term cash management. 

  • Business Acquisition, Sale, and Transfer: From initial investments to scheduled sale or transfer, guidance on financial and tax impact minimization is crucial. The Dutreil Pact is essential for facilitating business transfer by reducing tax on donations or inheritance. 

  • Covering Social Liabilities (IFC/IL/IRC): A mechanism for employers to anticipate financing retirement, dismissal, or negotiated termination benefits for employees, constituting a social debt. The system, funded by the employer, allows for tax-deductible contributions and transforms legal obligations into financial and fiscal benefits.

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